Holliston School is a Peanut and Tree Nut Free Zone at all times.

The Teacher’s Role – The teacher constructs a standard daily routine that gives the children security in knowing what will be happening. The teacher offers experiences in Art and Crafts, Music, Reading, and Fine and Gross Motor skills. There is a variety in the changing themes, field trips and set-up of the classroom. The teacher sets limits of discipline and models appropriate behavior. The teacher is a source of information. If you have any questions regarding discipline policies or concerns for your child, please contact the teacher.

Parent Interaction – Often, parents who live in the same area can car pool, dropping off and picking up children. We discourage parents from bringing siblings on their Helper Day as it is too distracting for the preschoolers. Helper Days can be very busy and there is not a lot of time to interact closely with your child. Parents are always welcome to come into the classroom to spend time with their child.

Parent Helper Days – We are a cooperative preschool, therefore parents are expected to help in the classroom on a rotating basis. Our Preschool is required to have one (1) adult per five (5) children in attendance that means that each family should be prepared to work two (2) sessions per month. It is essential that you be at the Preschool on your scheduled day.

Show and Tell – Each child is assigned a Show and Tell day on a regular basis to bring a special book, toy, picture, etc. to share with the other children. There will be more information in the Preschool Newsletter describing when it starts and how it works. Generally, your child will have their show and tell on the dates that you are the parent helper.

Field Trips – Several field trips are taken throughout the year, provided the dynamics of the class(s) allow. Permission slips are required to simplify the process we have you sign a general consent form at the start of the year to cover all field trips. Due to insurance requirements a chartered bus will be taken to and from the field trip sites. Parents who are not comfortable with busing may drive their own child to the field trip site. On field trips, extra volunteers are welcome, usually at no extra cost. If you have concerns with your child attending please advise the teacher.

Creativity in the Classroom – Your child will be given the opportunity to participate in many crafts and art projects throughout the school year, anything from coloring and cutting out simple shapes, tracing letter or numbers, or creating seasonal and holiday crafts. We understand that not all children are interested in being creative, but we do encourage these activities for each child in order to assist in fine motor skill development, sensory awareness and enhancing creative expression.