Holliston Community Preschool is a Cooperative Program. As such, parent involvement is a necessary part of our program. Families wishing to register their child(ren) for one of our classes, need to be aware that they are REQUIRED to come into the classroom with their child at least two (2) days each month to participate and assist the teacher in classroom activities.

Our Philosophy

Preschool children learn through playing. Our program has a social emphasis as opposed to the academic emphasis of later school years. We provide various learning centres that allow the children to develop in many areas:

Social Skills – The children learn by sharing toys, by taking turns at activity centres, by role-playing with our tool centre and kitchen centre, by using polite table manners, and by interacting with other children and adults.

Physical Coordination – Gross motor skills are enhanced through indoor and outdoor gym activities. Fine motor skills are enhanced through completing puzzles, drawing, writing his/her own name (if able), cutting, building with blocks, and playdoh.

Language & Vocabulary – Learning to listen, to understand, and to express oneself is encouraged through story time, circle time, and Show and Tell.

Creative Expression & Sensory Awareness – Crafts, coloring, playdoh, building blocks, sand table, water play, and color/shape creative puzzles are all avenues for enhancing creative expression and sensory awareness.

Since Preschool is often the child’s first experience with “school”, it is essential that it be a happy and satisfying one. Activities are all carefully planned to be interesting and achievable. The teacher and parents should be accepting of the children and their ideas.

The Value of Teacher/Parent Cooperation – Parents, who work closely with the teacher and have hands-on experiences organizing a preschool, show their children that education is important. The children are aware that their parents are interested and actively involved in their school. Parents get to see their children in other circumstances, get to know their child’s classmates better and often form lasting friendships with other parents. Working with the teacher develops a positive relationship that may lead to a greater parental involvement in the future education of the children.

Holliston Community Preschool is a Cooperative program, therefore parents are required to help in the classroom on a rotating basis. Our Preschool is required to have one (1) adult per five (5) children in attendance that means that each family should be prepared to work two (2) sessions per month. Parents have the opportunity to choose their parent helper days, and It is essential that you be at the Preschool on your scheduled day. Parents who do not meet their parent helper requirements may be subject to a `Missed Parent Helper` fee of $50, or asked to remove their child from the program.

Please read through our Handbook thoroughly for more detailed information on our program.

Holliston Preschool is a NUT FREE ZONE at all times.